Germantown Home to become Philadelphia’s top-performing program for short-term rehabilitation

  • Posted on Dec 8, 2021

Germantown Home has partnered with HealthPRO® Heritage to become Philadelphia’s top-performing program for short-term rehabilitation.

Among the top skilled nursing facilities to which hospitals refer here is how Germantown Home compares: 


Jean P. is a resident at Germantown Home and is currently participating in our program. She is just one of our many residents that have seen a difference in her function since she started therapy. Please click on her picture to hear her story.

Please contact Alison Corter Director of Business Development for NewCourtland and Liaison for Germantown Home at 215-951-4210 with questions or information about our services.

Medicare and Medicaid Certified • Most insurances accepted except Humana and Gateway

Meet our team (left to right):
Doug Stoddart, PTA
Gia Barr, COTA
Jennifer Corbert, OT
Peter Evidente, PT
Patricia Hampton, OT
Erica Brown, PT

Not pictured:
Dennis Buggy, PTA
Ellen Gurss, ST
Chima Oguekwe, OT