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March 30, 2021: Webinar Alert!

NewCourtland is hosting a discussion today, Tuesday, March 30th, at 4:00 PM in which we will look at The Well Being of Long Term Care Residents during the Pandemic.

To join us via the web, please click on this link: . 

Or, to join us by phone, please call:
Call: 1-872-240-3212
Meeting ID: 423 177 749

For more information, click HERE

We are hosting a Virtual Health and Wellness Fair on Wednesday, April 21!

Starting at 11:00 AM and going until 1:30 PM, this virtual fair will cover various educational topics including fall reductions and balance promotion; advanced directives; seasonal safety and many more. There will be raffle prizes as well (pre-registration is necessary to be eligible).

To register, go to:

For more information please see click HERE. If you have any questions, contact Alison Corter at 215-951-4210 or

January 5, 2020

Germantown Home residents and employees started receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine . If you have an questions about the program, the GTH staff has created a FAQ document that you can access HERE.

December 10, 2020

Dear Resident Representative:

As you know, the COVID-19 virus continues to spread at a rapid pace, killing thousands of Americans every day and disproportionately impacting older people. Fortunately, there has been great progress in vaccine development. Two similar vaccines (from the Pfizer and Moderna corporations) have been shown to be highly effective and very safe. The vaccine is expected to become available for emergency use within the next few weeks.

The Federal government is offering the first available COVID-19 vaccine doses to highest risk people. This includes health care workers as well as residents of long-term care facilities.  The vaccine is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged by health experts.  It is a critical tool to save lives and to get the pandemic under control.

Germantown Home is participating in this vaccine program.  The CVS pharmacy corporation will handle the vaccine distribution process for Germantown Home.  CVS personnel will be coming to Germantown Home to give the injections to all residents and staff members who choose to receive it.

Although the vaccine does not offer 100% protection from COVID-19, it greatly reduces the risk of illness.  Extensive safety evaluation of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in tens of thousands of research participants showed side effects similar to those seen with other vaccines (such as the flu vaccine), mainly temporary soreness at the injection site and fatigue.  The potential life-saving benefits of the vaccine appear to far outweigh the risk of minor side effects.  It is highly recommended for the protection of residents of long-term care communities, including those who previously recovered from COVID-19.  However, due to two reported cases of allergic reactions, the vaccine is currently not recommended for people with a history of certain serious allergies.

The vaccine involves two injections given approximately three weeks apart. The first injection is expected to be given during the week of 12/21/2020 or the week of 12/28/2020.  A staff member will contact you soon to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine program and to address questions that you may have.  If you choose for your Germantown Home resident to receive the vaccine, you will complete a vaccine consent form.

Please seriously consider the COVID-19 vaccine for your loved one.  If you have any questions, please contact the unit manager for your resident. If require more information, a member of the medical team will gladly get back to you.


Mary Schuler, MD

Medical Director, Germantown Home

November 4, 2020

On October 28, 2020 Germantown Home hosted a costume party for residents and staff. The theme of the party is “The Wizard of Oz Meets The Wiz”. Staff and residents alike got dressed up as their favorite character from “The Wizard of Oz” or “The Wiz”. Staff decorated the halls of Germantown Home and made the event a festive celebration to help brighten the day and get everyone excited for Halloween. Their truly is no place like “Germantown” home!


October 12, 2020

On October 28th, Germantown Home will be hosting an in house costume party. All residents ad staff are invited to attend. If you have family who is a resident at Germantown Home, please reach out to make sure your loved one participates.

October 8, 2020

Dear Family Member/Resident Representative,

“Flu Season” is approaching once again.  Starting in October, we will give the flu vaccine to all of our residents unless the attending physician determines there is a specific medical reason why the resident should not receive the vaccine or the resident refuses to take the vaccine.

Any letters or forms regarding the flu vaccine, which were signed in the past, are no longer in effect.

As we prepare to immunize our residents with the influenza (flu) vaccine, we offer you the following information about the vaccine.

Influenza vaccine is the primary method for preventing influenza and the more severe complications of influenza.  Vaccination is recommended for groups of persons who are at increased risk for complications from influenza including persons over 65 years of age and residents of nursing homes and other chronic-care facilities as well as persons of any age who have chronic medical conditions.

The influenza vaccine should not be administered to the following individuals:

-Anyone who is allergic to chicken eggs.

-Anyone who has ever had Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

-Any woman who is or may be pregnant.

-Anyone who has a fever, the vaccine may be given after the fever and any other symptom subside.

Possible side effects from the vaccine include:

-Soreness at the injection site, which may last from 1–2 days.

-Fever or mild aches, which may last from 1–2 days.

-Allergic reactions.

The vaccine will be ordered by the resident’s attending physician and administered once from October 2020 up until May 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 215-951-7500.

For more information from the Center for Disease Controls about the flu vaccine click here 


Priya Cavanaugh Infection Preventionist


October 5, 2020

At Germantown Home we take pride in the fact that our staff goes above and beyond to make our residents feel safe and that their families’ feel that their loved one is being looked after. This is especially the case with our social work team.  To learn more about what separates our Social Workers from the pack, click HERE.  

September 29, 2020

On Friday, August 28, 2020, NewCourtland and Germantown Home hosted a ceremony at our Germantown Campus to dedicate a memorial garden to those we have lost during the pandemic.

The ceremony was a celebration to honor the lives we have lost due of COVID-19 and was attended by NewCourtland and Germantown Home staff along with our resident’s family members. The event featured art created by residents and speakers from NewCourtland, Germantown Home, members of the clergy and was punctuated by prayers, poetry readings and musical interludes.

The garden, which sits in front of our iconic carillon on a beautiful parcel of grass covered and tree shaded land, features a sitting area, a fountain and engraved pavers which honor each of those who have passed as a result of COVID-19.

The garden is named after and dedicated in honor of one of Germantown Homes most beloved and long time employees, Annetta “Sargent” Martin. As we continue to battle this virus, this garden will serve as a place for our families and staff members to take refuge and pay respects to those we have lost.




May 4th, 2020

On April 28, 2020 Germantown Home staff and residents gathered to not only view the flyover by the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds, but to also honor the frontline workers of Germantown Home. Staff and residents alike viewed the spectacle from windows or outside on our beautiful Germantown Campus. “Today was a beautiful day and this flyover was a unique way to honor staff at Germantown Home who have been working day and night to not only provide healthcare, but also a clean and safe environment for our residents and our staff” said Alison Corter, Director of Marketing and Business Development for NewCourtland, the owner of Germantown Home.

The staff at Germantown Home have been working tirelessly over the past 6 weeks to ensure the safety of our residents and their co-workers and today was a thank you to them from everyone for their constant effort. Without our front line heroes leading the way, the situation at Germantown Home and many other health care facilities would be much worse. Please take a second to thank the healthcare workers who you know and who make the sacrifice everyday for us and for each other.