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United HealthCare Partnership

United HealthCare Partnership

In October of 2019, NewCourtland entered into a partnership with United HealthCare to provide supportive housing to United HealthCare members who receive Medicaid and are homeless and chronically ill.  It is our shared belief that by providing housing with supportive services, these individuals can care for themselves and significantly reduce the number of emergency room visits.

By employing a “Housing First with Services” approach we intend to demonstrate that a tenant’s participation in community-based programs along with tenant-established goals and a plan for service delivery, that is evaluated by and overseen by an Interdisciplinary Team (IDT), will maximize a tenant’s ability to evolve into a contributing member of the community and to live as independently as possible.

We will use the IDT to review applications to the program, monitor each persons’ progress and ensure that we are providing the necessary supports and to track outcomes.  The IDT comprises staff with expertise in housing, social services and healthcare.  There are currently 10 individuals enrolled in the program.

To read an article recently published by the Philadelphia Inquirer about the program, please click here.