NewCourtland Germantown Home partners with Pletly on a pilot program for residents in their memory care unit.

  • Posted on Jul 3, 2024

NewCourtland, a local non-profit organization committed to providing accelerated access to coordinated health, housing, and social services for underserved populations in Philadelphia, has partnered with Pletly, an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the circles of care and enable the quality of care to all humans, regardless of social, economic level or how demanding their needs are. NewCourtland will offer Pletly’s applications to provide a single source for sharing information, care collaboration, and communication for approximately 10-15 residents in their memory care unit.

Using Pletly, NewCourtland’s memory care team will be able to share relevant care information and upload photos or videos, allowing family caregivers to gain insight into their loved one’s daily life. Additionally, the team will be able to provide more personalized and person-centric care, ensuring the quality and dignity that NewCourtland always strives to maintain.

“We have several family caregivers that cannot visit their family member as much as they want to, but with Pletly, they now can witness in ‘live-time’ what their loved ones are doing and see for themselves that they do have a social life at Germantown Home,” said Pam Howard, Vice President of Healthcare Services.

“We are thrilled to partner with NewCourtland on this pilot program, which will showcase the benefits of our innovative care solutions for caregivers, family members, and most importantly, the residents themselves. At Pletly, we believe in leveraging technology to transform care delivery, making it more efficient, transparent, and personalized. Our values align closely with NewCourtland’s commitment to quality and dignity in care, and together, we aim to enhance the daily lives of all involved.” – Marius Mathisen, CEO of Pletly.

The pilot program is expected to launch on July 1, 2024, and run for approximately four months. NewCourtland will evaluate its cost, impact, and effectiveness before rolling it out to the remaining residents.


About NewCourtland

NewCourtland is a non-profit organization that provides accelerated access to coordinated health, housing, and social services for medically complex and senior residents. It also provides resources, recreation, and educational services for three senior centers, manages a 180-bed nursing home with rehabilitation care, and is a pioneer in developing innovative housing solutions throughout Philadelphia. To learn more about NewCourtland, visit

About Pletly

Pletly leverages technology to enhance the quality and efficiency of care services through innovative solutions. Founded by individuals with personal caregiving experience, Pletly understands the challenges faced by caregivers and care recipients. Our mission is to bridge gaps in communication and collaboration, ensuring everyone receives personalized, dignified care. With offices in Norway and the U.S., Pletly aims to support diverse care environments globally, from individual families to large organizations. For more information, visit Pletly’s website: