Welcome to the team. NewCourtland Germantown Home and Suburban Geriatrics create a partnership

  • Posted on Sep 16, 2021

NewCourtland Germantown Home is pleased to announce the partnership with Suburban Geriatrics to better serve the people in our community.  Suburban Geriatrics is a compassionate medical practice that specializes in caring for patients with complex, chronic conditions whose health is changing with age. Their physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, and social workers help patients, the patient’s family, and other professional caregivers better understand and navigate all facets of the aging process. Because of their team approach, they offer comprehensive care plans and guidance to help ease the stresses of getting older and help patients live longer, healthier, & fuller lives.  

Dr. Robert Pearlstein is a Geriatric Specialist who founded Suburban Geriatrics in 1993 after completing a fellowship at the Philadelphia Geriatric Center. He enjoys participating in all aspects of geriatric medicine including hospital rounds, office hours, nursing home care, assisted living, and home visits. Dr. Pearlstein is passionate about teaching and research. He is an active board member with the Alzheimer’s Association, Aging & Adult Services, and works closely with other senior community organizations.

Liz Park, PA-C
Liz is a physician assistant who graduated from Arcadia University. She is from Philadelphia and received her Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University. She is passionate about providing care to geriatric patients while addressing and overcoming language barriers in healthcare and patient-provider communication.






Laurel Colvin, CRNP
Laurel is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has a background in women’s health, community health, college health, and most recently in school health. Laurel is originally from New York City. She received her BSN from UW-Madison and MSN from UW-Oshkosh. She has been living in Philadelphia for the past 20 years. Laurel is passionate about caring for individuals across the entire lifespan and is very excited to expand her practice to geriatrics.


Both NewCourtland Germantown Home and Suburban Geriatrics strive to connect the patient and family with all available resources to ensure each patient receives the individualized plan of care necessary to meet their needs and provide a safe, supportive living environment.