Germantown Home Physician Services

Specializing in geriatrics, our doctors and nurse practitioners are the primary care team for residents of Germantown Home. Our primary care practice offers convenient medical services – just for seniors!

Meet the Team
Mohanad M. Fallouh, MD

Dr. Fallouh is a board-certified in internal medicine. Dr. Fallouh earned a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1992 at the Damascus University School of Medicine. After medical school, Dr. Fallouh participated in extensive research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, where he has publications. His experimentation at Johns Hopkins University included heart attacks, Alzheimer’s disease, wound care, obesity, blood transfusion, cancer, alcohol abuse, and high cholesterol. Additionally, during this time, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in cardiology. Dr. Fallouh completed his internal medicine residency training at New York Medical College. Afterward, in 2004 he began his practice as an internist. His experience includes medical office care, inpatient and hospital treatment, assisted living/home visits, resident teaching/training, medical directorship in numerous nursing homes, hospice facilities, and home care agencies, and a consultant in geriatric-psychiatry and addiction treatment. Also, Dr. Fallouh is involved in rehabilitation care, palliative care, and business management. 

Robert Pearlstein, DO

Dr. Pearlstein is a Geriatric Specialist who founded Suburban Geriatrics in 1993 after completing a fellowship at the Philadelphia Geriatric Center. He enjoys participating in all aspects of geriatric medicine including hospital rounds, office hours, nursing home care, assisted living, and home visits. Dr. Pearlstein is passionate about teaching and research. He is an active board member with the Alzheimer’s Association, Aging & Adult Services, and works closely with other senior community organizations.

Todd D. Aaron, MCD FACP
Dr. Aaron is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and completed his residency training through Temple University. He specializes in the care and treatment of older adult patients with multi-organ system diseases and complex illnesses. Not only does he practice in the hospital setting, but he also follows patients in the community as well as in subacute nursing and long-term care facilities. This facilitates the continuity of care of all of his patients. With over 20 years of experience as a hospice medical director, it is not enough to simply diagnose and treat patients but to always keep in mind a palliative approach when a cure is no longer possible.
Archana Arya, DNP

Dr. Archana Arya, a certified family nurse practitioner, has been in practice for the past 8 years. She has nursing degrees from Drexel, LaSalle and West Chester Universities. She has varied experiences including acute care and rehab. She enjoys working with elderly and believes in making a difference in their lives.

Liz Park, PA-C

Liz is a physician assistant who graduated from Arcadia University. She is from Philadelphia and received her Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University. She is passionate about providing care to geriatric patients while addressing and overcoming language barriers in healthcare and patient-provider communication