Collaboration is Key to Sustainable Change

  • Posted on Oct 14, 2022


NewCourtland is a non-profit, mission-driven organization that serves over 8,500 Philadelphians through high-quality health, housing, and coordination of health and social support services to seniors and other disadvantaged groups, including homeless Veterans and other at-risk groups experiencing homelessness. A key component of the success of NewCourtland is strong partnerships within the greater Philadelphia community.

We want to join forces with other philanthropic organizations to further grow programs and resources that directly help vulnerable members of the community.


At NewCourtland we value a culture of continuous learning with a focus on testing and promoting sustainable solutions to society’s most pressing needs. Two examples of NewCourtland designed programs that we are currently implementing and reflect our commitment to having a positive impact on societal priorities:



    • Rapid Housing with Services Demonstration targets persons who are homeless and who had been relying on costly and often ineffective services to address their health and social needs. Supported in part by United Health Care, NewCourtland has implemented a unique housing with social services model with strong connections to health partners. Collectively, these services are helping to address the often life-long traumatic stress, substance abuse, health problems, and behavioral issues common in this at-risk group. To assess the outcomes of this initiative, we have partnered with the NewCourtland Center for Transitions and Health at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Data generated will be used as the basis to refine and scale this model. Findings will be shared via multiple dissemination channels and, in partnership with like-minded providers, the “Rapid Housing First with Services” concept can be scaled.  Lessons learned also will be shared to advance changes in policies essential for sustainability. The outcomes demonstrated by this program to date include a dramatic reduction in emergency department services and, most importantly, a high retention rate in the transitional housing with services program. We are seeking new partners to help expand access to this opportunity as well as to provide participants with better access to permanent housing.
    • NewCourtland’s Inclusive Housing Development is creating a livable community for all with a focus on health, community safety, and economic growth. capitalizes on NewCourtland’s investment in the preservation and stabilization of a former psychiatric hospital in an underserved neighborhood of Philadelphia. The Tower at Henry Avenue is designed as a community of individuals who represent a cross-section of the broader geographic area, this project is a catalyst contributing to economic revitalization. This housing model should help developers and community partners see the advantages of our approach for them to revitalize other underserved communities. Through this program, we seek to demonstrate that mixed-use, mixed-income, and inclusive communities with supportive services will improve quality of life. We are seeking partners who are interested in a longer-term commitment to growth to develop our housing programs here in Philadelphia.

By leveraging our experience and resources, NewCourtland is a leading innovator in meeting the needs of at-risk populations in the community.  We cannot do this alone. We need partners to optimally spread and scale highly effective programs. Achieving positive and sustainable change in our community is possible!  

Know of anyone with similar programs or if you are in a similar role, message me at or connect with me via LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about ways in which we can all enhance quality of life.

Alison Corter

Director of Strategic Initiatives


P: 215-951-4210