Philadelphia Senior Centers


Classes and Trips

Philadelphia Senior Center (PSC) offers a wide variety of classes and programs designed to keep seniors physically and mentally active, including classes in: yoga, T’ai Chi, poetry, ceramics, photography, ballroom dance, Spanish, French and line dancing.

Services on Site

As part of PSC’s Services on Site (SOS) program, Service Coordinators assist seniors living in affordable housing properties with a comprehensive array of health and supportive services with the goal of maintaining their independence and dignity.

SOS Service Coordinators provide links to community resources for transportation, health care, pre- and post-hospital needs, socialization, nutritional support, and mental health counseling. In addition to social services, PSC has a variety of ancillary services that the service coordinator has available to them to support seniors including: regular health promotion education and screening programs, home support services to assist with house keeping tasks and access to all PSC programs and services.

For more information, call 215-546-5879.