Our Services

Germantown Home offers residents state-of-the art accommodations, along with long-term, skilled, and respite care. Admissions are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our expert professional staff provides a comprehensive set of services within the areas of clinical, comfort, and specialty services, described in more detail below.

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Clinical Services

Personalized nursing care

Licensed social worker

Restorative services

Periodic assessments of physical, mental, and cognitive abilities

Coordination of on-site lab, x-ray, therapy, podiatry, audiology, ophthalmology, and dental services

Comfort Services

Spacious lounges and dining facilities

On-site chapel and chaplain services, including personal counseling and support

Exterior door security system and wander alert system

Barber and beauty salon services on premises

Private and semi-private rooms

Beautiful outdoor patio and garden

Specialty Services

Long-term care

Skilled care

Respite care

Stroke rehabilitation

Pain management

Pulmonary care

Tracheotomy care

IV care

Wound care

Enteral nutrition


Oncology care

Infectious disease care

Recreational therapies